After, styled living room



how we can help with styling your home



" the House counseling" Session

Consultant will walk thru and go over desired space to help update.

·   Identify any problem areas of space that need to be improved. 

·   Discuss existing furniture in space and if new furniture is needed.

·   Identify general decor likes and dislikes. 

·   Advice on wall/trim color, if needed


"the retail Therapy" session

Based on the needs of the home, consultant will charge an hourly rate (2 hr. min) to source rental furniture, artwork and home accessories.

·   Consultant will research and source furniture for every room of the home (based on the walk thru consultation)

·   Arrange and facilitate rental agreement contracts

·   Arrange for pick- up and delivery of goods

* Rental contract and agreements are made between homeowner and rental  company.


"the breakthrough" session

Consultant will style your home with new furniture staging, artwork installation and accessorizing space. (2 hr. min)

·   Consultant will accept deliveries  on the day of styling.

·   Orchestrate the moving and arrangement of furniture and  artwork

·   Add new home accessories to home

·   Merchandise each room for optimal space and presentation

·   Arrange and add fresh flower arrangements (for an additional fee)