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why stage your house?


We have all done it. Walk through a vacant home and start noticing all the little details of the home, or become distracted by the homeowner’s choice of colors and finishes. With home staging, it provides clearer vision for buyers to see themselves living there.


We gathered our favorite before and after room makeovers from previous client's homes and created it into one online portfolio. If you like what we do and would like your own before and after change in your home, contact us today.


If you don’t believe us, take a look on Realtor.com for an article on how staged homes sells 88% faster . Or take a look at this U.S. News article on home staging and its benefits.

Professional, honest, efficient, and creative. House Therapy Staging Company was a pleasure to work with! The Consultant understood what our home needed to get it sold fast. They were able to work their creative magic and provided optimal solutions towards the given constraints we ran into during the staging process. We would happily work with them again.
— Maggie B. Porter Ranch, CA


about us

We get it.  Whether you are selling your home or just tired of the way your home looks inside, House Therapy Staging Co. is here to help. Our goal is to help style and stage your home for a fresh new look or for a top dollar sale. We know how to transform your house into a home that you or potential buyers will fall in love with. We know and catch onto all the home trends. We take guilty pleasures in binge watching HGTV shows (Who doesn’t love Fixer Upper and Property Brothers ?!) and constantly connected to Pinterest. In all seriousness, we are on top of all the home trends that you see on social media and pop culture. We have a passion for styling and staging a house into a current looking and marketable home. Don't be in denial because every house needs a little therapy to make it into a home.

 Founder | Creative Director  Valerie Mekki

Founder | Creative Director

Valerie Mekki

Meet our Founder |  I’m Valerie Mekki, Creative Director and founder of House Therapy Staging Co. What is my deal? I have been in the fashion industry for over fifteen years, in the field of merchandising and product development. I have been trained to be both creative and analytical. I turned my passion from fashion into home styling and staging ever since I moved into my own home and I could not stop restyling every space in the house. My obsession with creating a beautiful space, lead me to start House Therapy Staging Co. We are passionate about transforming any house into a fresh new space for living or for sale. I make it a point to showcase the best qualities of the home, while also adding touches of the latest trends. Homes are meant to last a life time, but sometimes it needs a check-up, because every home needs a little House Therapy.




Here is a collection of staging and styling before and after photos from previous projects. 




House therapy staging Co. presents:

home styling d.i.y videos

Did you know that House Therapy Staging company has it's own YouTube Channel? We provide weekly tips on home improvements, décor, spacing and organization. We are here to help you, because every home needs a little therapy.


Latest feature

House Therapy Staging Co. presents along with Art Dimensions Online, a quick video on how to care for artwork in your home.  



House Therapy Staging Co. presents a DIY video on how to select home accessories for your living room. 



House Therapy Staging Co. presents helpful Thursday Tip on how to tel the difference between different wood floor coverings. Valerie get's quizzed by DW Interior's floor covering expert Amanda- see how she does!



House Therapy Staging Co. presents a DIY video on how to make a twine globe. Some people may refer these awesome home décor pieces as yarn globes, rope lanterns or twine spheres, but it doesn't really matter because all point to a super chic accessory that you can add to your home today!



Summer is just around the corner and it's time to get your backyard ready for all of thos summer BBQs and nights. This video will give you 5 tips and tricks on how to create a perfect outdoor living space!


Feature #10

We love candles and uses them all the time in our projects, but we wanted to try something new by making a cement candle holder. This DIY video will show you the easy steps on how to make one for your home.


feature #9

This is video will walk you through the steps on how to put up your own picture gallery wall in your home. Valerie will even give you some helpful tips on making sure your gallery is picture perfect!


feature #8

Have you ever wondered what to do with all of your child's arts and crafts? We will show you some cleaver and creative tips on how to incorporate your child's next art class creation!


feature #7

This is video is a helpful guide on ho w to install cabinet door handles- even without a plastic template!


feature #6

This is video is a helpful guide on ho w to keep your house plants alive! House plants are the latest trend in home décor, after watching this video your plants will not only stay in style, but also stay alive!


feature #5

This DIY video will walk you through the steps on making a family command center. This functional and stylish space will help your family stay organized while looking great in your home!


Feature #4

This quick tutorial on how to hang artwork (stress free!) will help save your wall from multiple nail holes. Your walls will thank you for watching this video.


Feature #3

This is a D.I.Y video on how to make style your built ins is an easy step by step guide on how to make your living room or family room look amazing with these easy to follow steps and tips. If you are planning on moving and staging your home, this video will help add value to your sale.


Feature #2

This is a D.I.Y video on how to make a Terrarium with Succulents and a wine glass. This a very easy DIY that will add some natural beauty to your home.



our blog

Creative Director and founder, Valerie Mekki shares more details and insights into each of the DIY or tip video that House Therapy Staging Co. publishes every week. To see her in action, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel, House Therapy Staging Company, so you will not miss out on any of her helpful tips and guides to making a home look good and feel better.   




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