about us

We get it. There is nothing more stressful than selling and buying a home, especially when your house may not be up to snuff like the other homes around the neighborhood. House Therapy Staging Co. is here to help. Our goal is to help stage your home for top dollar sale. We know how to transform your house into a home that potential buyers will fall in love with. We know and catch onto all the trends that buyers are looking for in a home. We take guilty pleasures in binge watching HGTV shows (Who doesn’t love Fixer Upper and Property Brothers ?!) and constantly connected to Pinterest. In all seriousness, we are on top of all the home trends that you see on social media and pop culture. We have a passion for staging and re-merchandise a house into a current and marketable home. You already have the most difficult part of this process which is selling a house, let us handle the staging because every house needs a little therapy to make it into a home.


Meet our Founder |  I’m Valerie Mekki, Creative Director and founder of House Therapy Staging Co. What is my deal? I have been in the fashion industry for over fifteen years, in the field of merchandising and product development. I have been trained to be both creative and analytical. I have over a decade of experience in merchandising product to sell. People buy on pure emotion and if they like what they see, they will make that purchase. However, sometimes people just need a little help to fully see what they are looking for. That is where House Therapy Staging Co. comes in. We are passionate about transforming any house into the perfect product to sell. I make it a point to showcase the best qualities of the home, while also catching buyers attention of what they may have seen recently on T.V. or online. I want each house to feel like a home- not a hotel (no folded napkins in wine glasses here!). My approach in home staging is to make everyone feel comfortable, for both the sellers and buyers, because everyone needs a little House Therapy.